"7 Letters" is the hardest song ever written about Scrabble©.
Two versions, The studio version available at Cheungstorm.comand the live version available here
The first and most ambitious AW YEAH! video. Shot over 6 weekends in San Francisco.
Directed by KORB! and Dave Rubin. Edited by Shawn Flannery and Dave Rubin.
A promotional video made for AW YEAH! inspired by the promo for U2's Rattle and Hum movie.
Directed and edited by Jason Cheung and available at Cheungstorm.com
KORBMANIA is a division of Made by KORB!
A promotional video made the final Pittsburgh, PA AW YEAH! show at The Beehive
Produced by KORB! and David S. Rubin. Edited by Mark Devito and David S. Rubin Show footage show by Joe Morrison & Jim Sidel. Additional footage shot by Mark Devito and David S. Rubin
AW YEAH!'s first TV interview. It concerned "The 12 Year Old Genius"
Produced & edited by David S. Rubin for WPGH TV. Shot by Joe Morrison, Jim Sidel, and David S Rubin. Originally aired on "Foxscape" on WPGH, Pittsburgh
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